King’s Point Residents Unhappy With Government Response

They say their road is dangerous and say Gov. won't make the necessary change

King’s Point Residents Unhappy With Government Response

Like most communities, King’s Point has spread out a bit over the years. There are now a number of homes built on Harry’s Harbour road. What was a wooded section of highway is now a 50 kph driving zone residential division of King’s Point, referred to as King’s Point South.

Some residents in King’s Point South have been trying to get the centre line there repainted. They say the current pavement markings, which allow vehicle passing, are creating a safety issue in front of their homes.


king's point nl map

road king's point nl
King’s Point South, Jan. 2018

The residents say they must be on guard because it is not uncommon for vehicles to pass them when they are slowing to turn into their driveways and when they are leaving their driveways.

Nicole Welshman lives in King’s Point South. She wonders what additional safety issues speeding in the area and vehicle passing will bring when, in September, primary-aged school kids wait on the side of the road for the school bus.

Nicole said “on multiple occasions I slow down to pull into my driveway, and when I glance in my mirror there are vehicles passing by me. I go out in the evenings during the summer with my 4 year old riding his bike and vehicles are constantly speeding by. Although having the option to pass doesn’t control the speed people drive, it doesn’t exactly scream ‘slow down’ either.”

centreline on road in king's point nl
King’s Point South, Jan. 2018

And the residents are frustrated with the responses from the MHA’s office and from the Department of Transportation and Works.

Jeff Hollett and his young family also live in King’s Point South. Jeff said MHA Brian Warr’s office explained to him that because of good lines of sight, the dashed centre line has to be there.

In a Facebook comment on MHA Brian Warr’s Facebook wall, his assistant Kathleen Hynes wrote:

“Department of Transportation and Works has advised us that the lines are based on speed and sight distance requirements and in this area there is adequate sight distance to pass for the posted speed limit. […]

[See the Facebook thread]

Jeff Hollett says he feels the regulation is not applied across-the-board. He asks why there aren’t dashed lines through other similar sections of road.

Jeff wrote:

“I’ve purposely driven every road from Harry’s Harbour to Brighton. There’s only one other case of a dotted line in a 50 zone, and that’s in front of Dorset Collegiate in Pilley’s Island, a school zone.”

road dorset collegiate pilley's island
A dashed centre line, for vehicle passing, in front of Dorset Collegiate at Pilley’s Island ~ Google Street View screen capture

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Nicole Welshman explained:

“When the speed limit was reduced to 50 km/hr on this road in 2016 we assumed that when the lines were repainted in the summer that dotted lines would be replaced with solid lines.

“When nothing changed I decided to make some calls to see if I could get [it] addressed.”

little bay road google image
Little Bay Rd., Springdale: A 50 kph zone with a clear line of sight and slow moving traffic but a solid centre line prohibiting passing ~ Google Street View screen capture

Nicole said she followed up with MHA Brian Warr “multiple times” and was told that he had brought it to the Department of Transportation. She contacted the Town of King’s Point, which in turn sent a letter to the Department of Transportation and Works with a request to have the lines changed. She said weeks later the Town heard from the Department of Transportation. She says the Town was told that the dashed lines were there to allow vehicles to pass other slow moving vehicles and equipment.

The Department of Transportation and Works would not change the lines.

She says she contacted the Dept. directly and was told the same.

The lines were needed and wouldn’t be changed.

industrial zone king's point nl
The industrial area in King’s Point, a 50 kph zone with a clear line of sight and slow moving vehicles but a solid centre line ~ Google Street View screen capture

The Mayor of King’s Point, Perry Gillingham, brought the matter up again to the MHA, through social media.

[See the Facebook thread]

In response to the Mayor, Kathleen Hynes wrote:

“…I was talking to DWST and was told those dotted lines has to be there in order for someone to passed any slow moving traffic, tractors etc. or even a slow moving car that could be going below speed limit if those dotted lines weren’t there you would not be allow to pass even if a car was going 30 km an hour…”

In the comments on Brian Warr’s Facebook wall regarding the centre line, King’s Point resident Jacqueline Hollett added:

[…] No one is really worrying about the slow traffic its the fast traffic thats the problem.”


[Top image: vehicle passing, in King’s Point South ~ Jan. 2018, photo]


*Disclosure: The owner of is a King’s Point Town Councillor, but was not a Councillor at the time the Town brought the centreline issue to the Dept. of Transportation and Works. The decision to do this piece was only made after being approached by a King’s Point South resident, through Green Bay Feed and no through Council.