KING’S POINT | Huge Craft ‘n’ Trade Show at Valmont Academy

The School Gym May Literally Have 'Streets' Lined with Tables

KING’S POINT | Huge Craft ‘n’ Trade Show at Valmont Academy

You need something to get your mind off the lingering snow and ice, don’t you? It’s time to get out of the house and take a drive.

Valmont Academy’s 1st Annual Craft & Trade Show is happening Saturday, April 29, from 10am-4pm. And it’s simply going to be huge.

There is no admission charge so you can easily pop in and browse around the 35+ tables that will be set up. Those 35+ tables are going to hold a lot of variety, including: Seal skin products, pet portraits, jewelry, Epicure, baking and preserves, wooden signs, benches, Tupperware, quilts and sewing projects, and more and more and more.

Valmont has a big gym, but 35+ tables in there will really make it bustle, to be sure.

Lunch is available from 11am. They will be selling soup, hot dogs, cookies, pop, water, tea/coffee and more.

Proceeds from the table rentals and lunch go to Valmont. There’s no admission, so drop in and at least grab a coffee and a cookie to help out! And, who knows…. with over 35 tables you may very well find a product or craft that tickles your fancy.

Edit: Saturday, April 29, 10:30am. The craft ‘n’ Trade show is off to a roaring start. Here are two snaps of the event~