Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail

Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail


Published on January 8, 2017 ~

Get outdoors! The Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail, near King’s Point in Newfoundland & Labrador, makes for a great winter afternoon out — cross country skiing or snowshoeing.

along the way on the Indian River Ski Trail

The trail actually forms a loop but as of January 8, the whole trail is not yet readied for the 2017 season. Plans are in place to groom the entire trail but currently there is an in/out route to enjoy, groomed to the warm-up cabin. Dependent on skill level, skiing to the cabin may take 15-30 minutes. At a brisk pace, snowshoeing will take about 45 minutes, 60 if you are frequently stopping to take photos for a website!

(Note: Folks on snowshoes are kindly asked to keep to the side and not disturb the groomed tracks for the skiers.)

a broad view as the indian river cross country ski trail skirts a bog
Get a broad view as the ski trail skirts a bog

As you might expect from a cross-country ski trail, there aren’t really any hills. There are just a few minor grades that should not pose any problem for even novice skiers.

Initially the trail runs along the electricity pole line, then turns in to meander nicely through woods and open spaces, eventually arriving at the warm-up cabin.

initial stretch of the trail, along a pole line
Initial stretch of the trail, along a pole line

The cabin is endearing, and is just 4-5 years old. It is easy to see the care and attention that volunteers have put into it. The trail is maintained by a small group of volunteers, who take time to prepare the trail, and re-groom it repeatedly during each winter ski season. Funds of course are needed, and users are encouraged to register/donate to help maintain the trail. (Please refer to registration information at the bottom of this post.)

warm up cabin
The cozy warm-up cabin!

Once the loop is groomed, the trail will take skiers near a small pond as well. A trail volunteer said that multiple trips around the loop makes for a wonderful out-door winter work out, with the cabin is conveniently right there nearby for socializing and snack times.

The trail is probably usually quite easy to follow, due to the grooming for skiing. Like in this case, the ski tracks clearly indicated to go left.


Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail Entrance Sign
One of two signs marking the entrance to the Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail, on King’s Point road

But Where IS the Indian River Ski Trail? The name is little deceptive and the trail is not near Indian River. It is actually located on route 391, heading to King’s Point. Keep an eye out for the signage on your right after you go ‘up the chasm’.

entrance to Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail NL
The mouth of the trail

Directions if you are not familiar with King’s Point: Turn onto route 391, to King’s Point. You’ll head up a grade, then right through a pond (really) and then up a steeper hill. Not long after getting higher up, on what is essentially a plateau, keep an eye out for the ski trail signage on the right.

(If you from the King’s Point area, then you are driving PAST the ski trail all the time. Time to break out your snowshoes or skis and take to this trail!)

Registration Funds Help the Indian River Cross Country Ski Trail
Registration for use of the trail costs $5 for students, $20 for adults or $30 for a whole family. Registration covers the entire season and money raised through registration is important. It is used to maintain the warm-up hut and to buy gas for the grooming process, among other things.

To register for use of the trail, ask questions, or perhaps volunteer some time, contact the very friendly Tim Howse at 673-4255 or email [email protected]