Hydro Says “Significant Work” Might Lead to Outages

Hydro Says “Significant Work” Might Lead to Outages


September 28th, 2017 ~ There was a planned power outage at Springdale Junction yesterday and a brief unplanned outage today in at least part of Springdale. And NL Hydro says there might be more of this to come.

In a statement released today, Hydro advised its customers of a “significant” amount of work that will be happening on the province’s electricity system over the next few months.

New transmission equipment is being brought into service.

From the statement:

“Construction has been ongoing for some time on new transmission equipment such as; Hydro’s new transmission line from Bay d’Espoir to the Avalon Peninsula, Nalcor’s Labrador-Island Transmission link and new line from Muskrat Falls to Churchill Falls, and Emera’s Maritime Link.”

Hydro says they do not anticipate unplanned outages. But over the next few months while the work is ongoing, unplanned outages might happen.

When major equipment is taken out of service or added, or when outages are planned, Hydro says they will make advisories available on their website and on social media.