HOCKEY | Girls, Hit That Ice in Green Bay South!

There hasn't been a girls hockey team in GBS for a few years

HOCKEY | Girls, Hit That Ice in Green Bay South!

Ice hockey, not surprisingly, is pretty popular in Green Bay South. The stadium in Triton is home to the Combines and several levels of Wildcats. The stadium sees tournaments and charity games. And Green Bay Cup games (Combines vs Springdale Braves) pack the place with spectators.

But the stadium has seen a few years now without a girls hockey team.

Nancy Slade-Rideout, and the rest of the Minor Hockey Association in GBS, would like to see that change.

They’d like to see a Wildcats team(s) for girls.

Nancy took to social media to get the word out. In preparation for the upcoming hockey season, Nancy wants any boys and girls who are interested in playing hockey to contact her, and the Association hopes to get the ball — errr, the puck, rather — going for a girls team.

triton nl arena sign
Stadium signage in Triton.   Is it time for an all-female Wildcats team too?       [Green Bay Feed archive photo]

And Nancy pointed out there are “some really great girl skaters” in GBS.

If you or a girl you know would like to play on an under 19 female team in Green Bay South, give Nancy a call at 709 293 0056

A registration date will be announced soon.

Nancy also reminds potential hockey parents of the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program, which helps cover the costs of playing organized hockey for families who qualify.


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