Headin’ On, into 2018

Headin’ On, into 2018


The photo above is an old lamp in an old house in King’s Point. This lamp is lit often and its glow is a warm ‘hello’ through the glass to anyone passing by outside in the darkness.

This lamp has seen many years. The old house has seen many more, and it creaks in winter winds. And tomorrow, January 1st, the lamp and the house will see the start of yet another year.

And so will we all.

Like that house, many of us face winds and hard times as well as good times. And our ‘paint’ is also a little chipped. But despite the troubles, debts, provincial debt, ups and downs of gas prices, the offshore, the inshore… we go on. Through closures, lay-offs, fly-outs, moving house, bills, payments, heartaches and deaths…

we go on.

We get up in the mornings and slowly pull on our figurative rubber boots and step out and face it all head on.
2018 is here and the cliché sentiment is ‘health and happiness to you in the new year’.

Yes, that. Of course, that.

But also: hang in there, hold tighter.

Stumble on further.

If you lose your way, look for some light. You find it. It’s in the chuckles of old guys in the gas station, as they warble about how so-and-so got his moose. It’s at a kitchen table, with a good friend and a cold one. It’s in your buddy’s shed, and in your bestie’s living room. It’s a slice of warm fresh bread. Jigg’s dinner. The look of a bay. A blue sky. Wood smoke on the air on a cold evening.

Happy New Year, Newfoundland and Labrador. Health and happiness to you all. Grab yer coat ‘n’ cap, while I gits me rubber boots and we’ll have’er goin shortly for anudder turn at it.

Turn the light on over the door, would ya?