Have a Look at the Walking Trail at Goodyear’s Cove Newfoundland

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Have a Look at the Walking Trail at Goodyear’s Cove Newfoundland

To be honest, Saturday, June 10th was a pretty windy day. But a walk up the trail at Goodyear’s Cove was pretty nice.

In a brochure provided at the info chalet at Goodyear’s Cove Park, the trail was named: Goodyear’s Cove Trail System. But on Google Maps it is shown as South Brook Hiking Trail. Whatever you want to call it, this 45-minute hike near the community of South Brook provides a very nice excuse to get out of the house this summer.

[ See trail location on Google Maps ]

Some video, shot on June 10, 2017, on the trail at Goodyear’s Cove ~

The walking trail basically forms a loop around an arm of land next to a local iconic location, Goodyear’s Cove.

Sturdy stairs, boardwalks and path take you up to a higher elevation where you get a fabulous view of Halls Bay. You can also get great views of West Bottom and, in the far distance, West Pond.

You access the trail through Goodyear’s Cove Park itself.

Park at the info building/chalet and walk down through the cove or get a day pass for only $3 and drive down to have a seaside picnic as well as a hike. ( Pretty good idea. ) The chalet at the entrance to the park has washrooms, information and local crafts for sale.

The trail, park and building are owned by the Town of South Brook, but it is all run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

If you have small kids, you may like to picnic at Goodyear’s Cove Park and take in the shorter walk around the small pond there.

goodyears cove park newfoundland

To get to the main trail, walk into the park and go straight. At the far end of Goodyear’s Cove there is a blue swing set. It is there the entrance to the main trail can be found. There is a short flight of stairs, at which point you choose to go left or right to walk the trail loop. Either way you choose to go, there will be stairs. So, just take your time if you are not a stairs master. The whole trail is only a 45-minute walk, and the view at the top is worth the stairs.

Most people will appreciate having some water with them.

A park brochure stated there were separate sub-trails. This writer did not explore those this time around.

This was actually not as bad as it looks. 🙂 There was a rest area part way up these stairs, for a breath and a sip of water. Don’t let these stairs put you off walking this trail at Goodyear’s Cove. 


Can you beat this view of Halls Bay?

Going at a snail’s pace with frequent stops for photos and video, this writer was around the loop in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The trail was well-marked, easy to follow and there were no fallen trees or any obstacles at all.

Looking back at Goodyear’s Cove, from the trail. Pretty nice!

Most of the loop is through woods, with gaps providing you broader views. There were a few wooden lookouts. The time to the first lookout was only about 10 minutes, and it was only about 20 minutes to the second lookout. This is a trail that is easy to fit into an afternoon’s itinerary.

goodyears cove newfoundland woods 2
Chill out zone.

From the back of the trail, you get a different view of Halls Bay and a view back to West Bottom as well as way back to West Pond.

The whole trail was dry — no puddles, streams, mud or muck.

A view of West Bottom from the walking trail at Goodyear’s Cove NL, with West Pond far in the distance.

In conclusion, this is a nice little trail that is easy to add into an afternoon out.

South Brook, with its conveniences, is just next door and the trail is right off the Trans Canada Highway. You’ll feel like you are off the beaten path, even though you didn’t go far at all.

If you like to walk and haven’t yet tried the trail at Goodyear’s Cove, you should.