The Harry’s Harbour Valentine’s Supper Success of February 10th

Dipped strawberries and heart-shaped chocolates helped make for an impressive community event

The Harry’s Harbour Valentine’s Supper Success of February 10th

February 14, 2018 ~ Maybe it was the large homemade heart-shaped chocolates on each table. Maybe it was the prime rib served with a red wine sauce. Perhaps it was the decorations, soft lighting, dipped strawberries and conversation…

There are many reasons to declare the sold-out Valentine’s supper held in Harry’s Harbour on February 10th a success.

The evening, which included a dance, was organized by volunteers in support of the area’s ‘Come Home Year’ that is coming up this summer.

The Come Home Year 2018 in turn will be a fundraiser for the newly formed Harry’s Harbour/Jackson’s Cove Volunteer Fire Department.

BEFORE — All ready to go on, February 9th (Janice Sharpe photo, edited)


AFTER — Attendees settling in for the Valentine’s evening of prime rib, creme brulee and chocolate (Green Bay Feed photo)

February 10th’s menu was attractive enough to draw people to Harry’s Harbour for the food as well as to support the new fire department. Of the about 50 people who attended the meal, 29 drove in from Kings Point, Springdale and Grand Falls-Windsor.

[Top photo: Strawberries getting dipped, in Harry’s Harbour, in preparation for the event. Janice Sharpe photo, edited]

These impressive chocolates were hand-made in Harry’s Harbour and were served at the community Valentine’s meal there on February 10th (Janice Sharpe photo, edited)

The effort and community spirit behind the area’s new fire department and Come Home Year is inspirational.

Fire department members completed the Defensive Firefighting course last fall, in Springdale, and have committed the time to complete other training as well.

Even before they got their basic training this new fire department got a taste of the real thing last fall when members had to take on a ground fire within Harry’s Harbour town limits.

They fought the fire in sneakers, with no protective gear.

This fire department started from scratch in 2017 and a lot of effort is going into equipping it, including organizing large fundraisers again and again and even spending time dipping strawberries. Every little bit counts, it seems.

man fighting fire in woods harrys harbour nl
A much needed community service: The Harry’s Harbour/Jackson’s Cove Volunteer Fire Department had to tackle a fire last fall, before they could acquire the necessary protective gear (Gail Budgell photo)

The hard work is paying off. One Springdale businessman (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently was moved to give a very significant $5,000 donation.

And every new fire department needs at least some sort of wheels to get it going. The Harry’s Harbour/Jackson’s Cove Volunteer Fire Department, through working with Fire and Emergency Services – Newfoundland and Labrador, will soon have a Ford Excursion.

It will be used to pull the department’s single portable water pump.

To get more of what the department needs, in addition to the Come Home Year and other community events, this fired up fire department has a number of draws going. The number of draws add up to a HUGE number of tickets to be sold: 8000!

Draw, draw, draw, draw, draw: The massive effort to equip the newly formed Harry’s Harbour/Jackson’s Cove Fire Dept. includes multiple events, a Come Home Year week this summer, and a series of prize draws

The draws will take place this summer (on July 28th, 2018) at the Come Home Year Dance but the winners need not be present to win.

The draws are:

– One 2017 Arctic Cat Alterra 500 4 X 4 ATV ($10 tickets, 3000 tickets printed)
– Two prizes of asphalt driveway paving ($10 tickets, 3000 tickets printed, prize available for Green Bay)
– A 50/50 draw ($10 tickets, 1000 tickets printed)
– One boom truck of wood ($5 tickets, 1000 tickets printed, prize available for Green Bay )

You may not be able to get your hands on dipped strawberries in Harry’s Harbour for a while but you can still help their fire department reach its goals by getting yourself tickets on the prize draws. Emailing funds for tickets is possible.

> Get more details at
Harry’s Harbour/Jackson’s Cove
Come Home Year Facebook Group <

[ Harry’s Harbour/Jackson’s Cove Fire Department Facebook Page ]

But, if you hear of them doing any more suppers like they did on February 10th, for glory’s sake get a ticket to go. Your taste buds will thank you.