Harry’s Harbour Residents Asked to Conserve Water

Harry’s Harbour Residents Asked to Conserve Water


July 11, 2018 ~ The Harry’s Harbour & Jackson’s Cove area is pulling together to have a big Come Home Year this summer.

Through a social media post, the Harry’s Harbour Local Service District Committee has asked Harry’s Harbour residents to conserve water to make sure there will be an ample supply to accommodate the visitors during the Come Home Year week, which will run from July 23rd-29th.

From the social media post :


We are asking all residents to conserve water during the summer months.

This year with Come Home Year Celebrations taking place, demand on our water system could increase by eight to ten times our normal use.

This could cause problems with our equipment and wells.

We ask that you please not wash vehicles or water lawns.

With the cooperation of everyone, things will work out.

Thank You,
Local Service District.