Hammerdown Dewatering & Underground Drilling Plans

Hammerdown Dewatering & Underground Drilling Plans

Apr 12, 2018 ~ Maritime Resources today announced that the Newfoundland & Labrador Government has approved the permit to dewater Hammerdown mine and start underground rehabilitation and exploration drilling.

The company says the intent of the first phase of dewatering is to expose about 700 meters of ramp to provide dry access for 8 diamond drill set up points.

Hammerdown mine structure – Maritime Resources image/graph

Maritime says water chemistry analysis performed demonstrated that “the water is clean with a neutral pH and will require no treatment for discharge other than settling ponds to capture any suspended solids.”

The original 4 settling ponds for Hammerdown are still in place and the company stated the ponds will require minimal rehabilitation.

Hammerdown mine area – Google Earth image

Maritime Resources holds 100% of the ‘Green Bay Property’, located near King’s Point. The property includes the past producing Hammerdown gold mine and the Orion gold deposit separated by a 1.5 km distance. Maritime has been working to bring Hammerdown back into production.

The Hammerdown gold deposit was mined by Richmont Mines between 2000 and 2004.

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[TOP photo: Hammerdown mine entrance in 2017 – Maritime Resources image]