Halls Bay Ice Search Rescue Call Was False Alarm

Halls Bay Ice Search Rescue Call Was False Alarm

February 3, 2018 ~ The sound of a helicopter overhead in the Halls Bay area last evening led to chatter on Facebook. Fears were that someone had gone through the ice.

It is true that a part of Halls Bay was searched yesterday after a report of a snowmobile going through the ice.

Fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm.

Today Springdale Volunteer Fire Department member Everett Pitts explained how an area resident had observed a snowmobiler heading across the ice and, after he lost sight of it, thought the driver had fallen through.

The man called the RCMP. The RCMP called the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department for a potential cold water rescue.

Springdale Fire Rescue is a certified cold water rescue team.

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The call came from West Bottom. Rescue crews operated from Goodyear’s Cove.

In addition to the Springdale Fire Department, an ambulance, the RCMP and a Search and Rescue helicopter from Gander all attended the scene. Members of the South Brook Volunteer Fire Department were also there as support.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day for the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department. While attending the ‘false alarm’ call in Goodyear’s Cove, another call came in for a structural fire at a house on Bayview Rd in Springdale.

Everett Pitts said Springdale Fire Department members arrived at the fire in less than five minutes and had the “fire knocked down in less than a minute.” Those firefighters were joined by Springdale Dept. members who left the Goodyear’s Cove call to be second truck at the house fire.

Everett added the house was saved with a small amount of water and smoke damage.

He pointed out the value of training:

“The training that Springdale Fire and Rescue do on Monday nights paid off as they performed their duty at both incidents.”

The Springdale Volunteer Fire Department reminds the public to use care and make sure ice is safe before venturing out on it.

They also remind residents to ensure their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working and to sleep with bedroom doors closed.

The Springdale Fire Department emergency number is 673-4333, or call 911.