Green Bay Will Switch to Clear Garbage Bags

Green Bay Will Switch to Clear Garbage Bags


October 11, 2018 ~ Green Bay Waste has confirmed there will be a switch to clear garbage bags in 2019 within its collection area.

The change will take effect on May 1st, 2019. At that time only garbage in clear bags will be collected ‘curbside’.

Anything after that date in a dark bag will be left behind.

Green Bay Waste Board of Directors member Shawn Weir stated on Facebook the move to clear plastic is to facilitate more recycling. After May 1st, 2019, paper/cardboard and recyclable beverage containers will not be permitted in the household garbage bags.

A representative of Green Bay Waste Authority stated guidelines and information for the public is being prepared and will be made available soon.

Shawn Weir/Facebook [Click image to go to original post]