Green Bay Waste Says Don’t Put Kitty Litter in Your Garbage Bags

Pet Doo-Doo Is A No-Go on Green Bay Waste Trucks

Green Bay Waste Says Don’t Put Kitty Litter in Your Garbage Bags

If you have been throwing kitty litter, and the waste from other pets, into your household trash, you run the risk of Green Bay Waste collectors not picking up your garbage.

On July 11th, 2017, Green Bay Waste Authority staff told Green Bay Feed that kitty litter and the like has never been permitted on their trucks. But now they are “cracking down” on it. Bags with litter get left behind.

Why? Because clearing out a big garbage truck is a pretty crappy job on the best of days but pet droppings make it all the worse. Snowball’s litter, and the awful stuff from Fido and Spot, can stick to the insides of the trucks, making the trucks more difficult to clean out. And the same trucks are needed to pick up the paper and cardboard recycling, and recycling can’t be soiled.

Your kitty’s litter is welcome at the landfill site, but it won’t get a ride there on the truck. Folks who have been abiding by the rule use a container of some sort to hold the litter and periodically bring it to the landfill site themselves.

Green Bay Waste Authority staff also pointed out that grass and tree clippings too cannot be collected with household garbage, even if well-bagged.