Green Bay, on Twitter! | January 2018

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Green Bay, on Twitter! | January 2018

If you are one of those who have not joined Twitter, here is your round up of choice local Tweets from this area in January — pretty snaps, a visiting politician and high school sports success…

[**If you CAN’T SEE the Tweets/photos below, change browsers. Firefox, for example, may have problems with embedded Tweets.**]

1 ~  First up is local sports. Congratulations to Indian River High’s Girls Volleyball team on their medals from a tourney at Dorset Collegiate in Pilley’s Island. Good work!

2 ~ Next is local scenery. Here’s a photo taken near Jackson’s Cove and recently sent to the CBC. Very pretty!

3 ~ News: Recently Lisa Dempster, Minister of Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development, visited Springdale. She talked at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, visited Springdale Retirement Centre, the Curling Club and the Red Leaf Centre.

4 ~ And this collection would simply not be complete without least one of Mike Parsons’ feel-good pieces depicting life at Little Bay Islands!

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