Green Bay School Sports Pics

Local Kids, Giving it Their All

Green Bay School Sports Pics


Don’t worry if you haven’t yet signed up for Twitter. Here are a few snaps of Valmont, Dorset and IRH kids getting sporty. These photos are embedded Twitter posts. They may take an extra second to load. The retweet and ‘like’ buttons will only work if you are signed into Twitter. Clicking a photo will open the Tweet in a new browser tab. Enjoy!


1. Dorset Collegiate has picked up more sports awards. Way to go, Dorset!


2. Indian River High School in Springdale held their first annual ‘May Madness Basketball Invitational’ tournament, May 12 & 13, 2017. Here we see IRH’s team on a quick break:

3. Here are two pics Valmont Academy teacher Ms. Curlew posted back in March, of the Valmont Academy cheer squad. These kids are too cute for words, and it looks like they really stepped up and did a great job.

[TOP PHOTO: Indian River High ‘May Madness Basketball Invitational’ | Green Bay Feed Photo]