Who Are the Green Bay Mayors?

Who Are the Green Bay Mayors?

For the majority of Green Bay communities, the 2017 elections have concluded. Councillors have been sworn in and Mayors have been chosen, to serve for the next four years. Although Little Bay Islands did not have an election this year, because of the relocation process that is ongoing there. The race is still on in Roberts Arm. They will have a by-election on October 24th to complete their Council.

Here’s a list of most of the Mayors in Green Bay.

Mayor: Dave Edison
Deputy Mayor: Shawn Weir

King’s Point
Mayor: Perry Gillingham
Deputy Mayor: Ryan Kelley

Mayor: Vincent Bennett
Deputy Mayor: Nancy Bowers

South Brook
Mayor: Donald Higdon
Deputy Mayor: Checo Hewlett

Roberts Arm
By-election to be held on October 24th

Mayor: Jason Roberts
Deputy Mayor: Pat Williams

Pilley’s Island
Mayor: Terry Hoskins
Deputy Mayor: Otto Ryan

Little Bay
Mayor: Phyllis Simms
Deputy Mayor: Svea Faulkner

Mayor: George Kelly

Little Bay Islands
Elections deferred due to resettlement process

Lushes Bight-Beaumont (Long Island)
Mayor: Daniel Veilleux

Middle Arm
Mayor: Neville Robinson