Green Bay Food Bank in Need of Donations

Green Bay Food Bank in Need of Donations

Food banks across Newfoundland and Labrador have been reporting low supplies and the food bank in Springdale is no exception.

There is always need of course, and there is always need for kitchen staples like tinned milk and sugar. But now the need is greater. There has been an increase in the number of families using the Green Bay Food Bank.

Food bank volunteer Donna Snow told Green Bay Feed today that ‘Back to School’ means more need and changes at the food bank. This time of year is a challenging time for some families. The costs associated with getting children ready for the classroom can mean less money for other needs, and less money for food.

The food bank can use fruit cups and other nutritious school snacks, or the monetary donations to enable the purchase of those items and other foods.

Donna said any and all donations would be very much appreciated.

If you, or your organization or church, can step up and help, call Ruth Butt (673-3805) or Donna Snow (673-3581) 


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[Top photo is a Green Bay Feed archive photo, taken March 2017]