Green Bay’s October Firefighting Training Sessions

A Whole Lotta Trainin' Goin' On!

Green Bay’s October Firefighting Training Sessions

October 30th, 2017 ~ In firefighting, training is vital. It helps firefighters stay safe. It keeps the people around them safe. It helps the firefighters be more efficient.

Part of the considerable commitment of being a dedicated volunteer firefighter is to give up weekends and evenings… for training.

For some departments, training is an ongoing commitment and this month a whole lot of trainin’ took place in Green Bay.

Check out the photos, below. (Click the Facebook logo in the top right of each photo group if you’d like to open up the photos for a better look. You won’t need to be logged into Facebook or have an account to see them.)

1 ~ In Springdale there were multiple courses held over the weekend of October 28-29. Firefighters from different communities attended, including King’s Point, Harry’s Harbour and Long Island:

This photo collection is brought to you in part by Brian Whitehorne:

2 ~ There was a 2-day Defensive Firefighting training in Triton as well, on October 27th and 28th:

3 ~ The King’s Point Volunteer Fire Department had a training session on October 17th.

4 ~ And the Brighton Fire Department posted photos of ladder training. They look pretty serious. Safely getting people down ladders is probably pretty serious business.