Mike’s Gorgeous Photos of Little Bay Islands

Little Bay Islands is a Very Pretty Place & Here's the Proof!

Mike’s Gorgeous Photos of Little Bay Islands

Mike Parsons, originally from Little Bay Islands, has uploaded some pretty spiffy pics of his home community to Twitter. If his photos don’t make you want to visit Little Bay Islands, nothing will!

Here are some of Mike’s Tweets, embedded, for you to enjoy.

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Tweet #1 ~ Little Bay Islands, mirrored on calm and peaceful water.

Tweet #2 ~ Does it get better than this? A scene bathed in warm colours, complete with a dory and a Canadian flag.

Tweet #3~ With a blue sky to warm the heart, this colourful scene hints at Little Bay Islands’ long history and strong tie to the fishery. There’s even salt fish!

#4 ~ The sun beams from the heavens, the great Atlantic is in the distance. This view of LBI, from up high, is stunning.

#5 ~ More calm waters, more reflection. How long will the community of Little Bay Islands, as it is now, be there? This is the year we should all visit LBI.

#6 ~ Water drips off a kayak paddle, sunlight kisses the hills in the distance. This peaceful moment looks far way from our modern lives of gadgets, cars and Netflix binges.

[Top image: Photo Credit Mike Parsons]