Get to Faster on your Smartphone

Get to Faster on your Smartphone

Make it easy to pop back into to keep up with what is happening in the area.

Green Bay Feed’s home page has a bit of everything, plus a scrolling marquee with quick news and notifications.

On a desktop or laptop you can easily bookmark on your browser. On a smartphone you can put a shortcut right smack onto your home screen.

Get the Green Bay Feed ‘G’ right on your home screen, for quick access.

After you open the home page in a browser on your phone, tap the browser menu and tap ‘Add to Home Screen’, or ‘Add shortcut on home Screen’.

On iPhones the menu runs along the bottom of the screen, tap the icon of the rectangle with the arrow pointing up. On an Android device, the menu may be found in the upper right corner of the browser.

short cut on an samsung phone shortcut on a Samsung phone


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