Found on the Web: Southern Arm, Whales Back & Triton!

Gorgeous Images Sent in or Found on Social Media. Welcome to Scenic Green Bay!

Found on the Web: Southern Arm, Whales Back & Triton!

Green Bay sure has some pretty spots. And the photos to prove it are sprinkled out across multiple social media platforms. Here are the choice snaps that Green Bay Feed found on the web on September 1, 2017.

~ 1. The photo above is a drone shot taken by Paul Luff at Southern Arm, near Beachside. Gorgeous! This image will make anyone want summer never to end.

Southern Arm once had permanent residents but now is prime cabin country. [Southern Arm location on Google Maps]

~ 2. Steve Clark also nabbed a great photo of Southern Arm, and added it to his Instagram account:

~ 3. But wait, there’s more from Steve. He also posted a photo of the Whales Back mine site, a place that most of us certainly don’t visit often.

Whales Back is located off Little Bay Road and was in operation from the mid sixties to early seventies. The Whales Back site may not be a pretty sight, but it is interesting!

Exploring the old Whale’s Back Mine. #RuralDecay #newfoundland #explorenl

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~ 4. Well you just can’t beat a good wharf photo! Mark Gray uploaded this one taken in Triton to his Twitter account. So colourful. Love it!