FOUND ON THE WEB | Awesome Green Bay NL photos!

There are photos galore out there, and here are some choice ones for you to ENJOY

FOUND ON THE WEB | Awesome Green Bay NL photos!


Let’s face it. There are many spots in Green Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador, that are super easy to photograph because they are really pretty!

Here are some pics that Green Bay Feed recently ‘Found on the Web’, well… found on Twitter! Enjoy!

1. To start, here is the Tweet that inspired today’s collection! Love it!

2. Next, here’s Green Bay Feed’s pic of folks in Nicky’s Nose Cove on July 10th. The capelin were rolling. The cast net was out. This will be a 2017 Green Bay Feed fav snap! (I love Green Bay!)

3. Remember, when iceberg hunting, be SURE to also head out to Brighton and Triton!

4. That Mr. Mike Parsons knows his way around a lens. And here’s the proof! Impressive.

5. Here’s another beauty, this time from James Fifield!

6. Our last photo today is from last year but such a pretty pic of Roberts Arm’s Crescent Lake needs to be shown! Ya gotta love a sunset! And Crescent Lake is great.

On Twitter? So is Green Bay Feed!

And Green Bay Feed LOVES your pretty scenic pics! [Hint]