Feedback Really Matters

Feedback Really Matters is a big website. Well. It WILL BE a big website. It covers many communities and each of those communities, I have noticed, has a distinct personality.

I have visited most of the communities, at least once. There are two places I have yet to get to: Long Island and Little Bay Islands. I had big plans to get out to those islands in 2016! I looked forward to it. But development of the website and timing went askew, I was held up, and before I knew it the cold weather had set in. And, well, it’s hard to hit the sites when it’s  -10 outside. Getting on the ferry and getting out to those islands is high on my priority list for the Spring. (That the profile pages for those two islands lack photos is… not good. I am not at all happy about that.)

In many of the communities I know people, in some of the towns I have yet to meet people. That will happen because it is important.

It is important because no one knows Green Bay’s communities better than the people who live there, and are from there. You know what each cove is called, you know the best places for a stroll. You know the organizations. You know who is keeping the recreation committee afloat.

Small or large, each community is full of stories and interesting nooks and crannies. And it should all be on Green Bay feed.

So if there is something (about YOUR town, about YOUR cove, YOUR nan’s stomping ground) that is wrong or is missing on, hit that contact page and let me know. Feedback can be easy to take, and it can sting sometimes. But feedback, and input, is crucial.

There is a lot of great stuff in our area. And I want to see it all on





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