Fast Online Drug Addiction Treatment Anywhere in NL

You Are A Phone Call Away from Help With Your Pain Killer Addiction

Fast Online Drug Addiction Treatment Anywhere in NL

Opioids. They are drugs like morphine, fentanyl, codeine and oxycodone. They are highly addictive. They are hard to kick without help.

A recovered addict once told me in an interview in Springdale:

“Some people become addicted to alcohol, some people become addicted to cocaine, some people become addicted to methamphetamines, everyone, EVERYBODY becomes addicted to opioids. It is the most addictive drug known to man.”

The same recovered addict explained it takes courage to pick up the phone to make a call for help. He said it is “the big step in an addict needing help and accepting the fact that they need help.”

He also emphasized it is important to respond immediately when someone makes that call for help, and not make them wait for any reason.

Even if there happens to be no wait time, significant travel may be a barrier to getting help. Opioid addiction has hit even the farthest coves and inlets of Newfoundland and Labrador.

What do you do when help is an 8 hour drive away?

Access to an Addictions Program, from Everywhere
Now opioid addiction sufferers in rural and remote areas Newfoundland and Labrador can find help immediately through a new Rapid Access Treatment Program developed in Springdale.

The program launched on July 4th, 2017.

The program is facilitated through telephone and online video conference, making it possible for a sufferer to start on the road to recovery right now, without even stepping out the house.

Support and counselling can be had within 24 hours of calling for help. A treatment plan can be in place in just 5 days. Suboxone or methadone may be used.

This is a new initiative from a family medicine clinic, Main Street Medical Clinic, in Springdale. It is, so far, the only one of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador. Main Street Medical Clinic has an Addictions Program in place, and is now branching out to provide a means for sufferers even in far flung corners of the province to be able to access help easily, and quickly.

The program uses secure software to enable Main Street Medical Clinic staff to counsel, guide and support any patient who comes forward for help.

Dr. Todd Young of Main Street Medical Clinic said:

“Scientific literature teaches us that opioid use disorder (addiction) is a chronic disease, and there are effective treatments available. Those suffering from the disease of addiction tell us when they need help, they don’t want to hear ‘OK, but there is a 3-6 month waiting time’. They need to get help when they seek help.”

What Does the Patient Need to Get Into This Program?
An email address, a valid MCP, an internet connection, and a device with a camera.

demonstrating medical video appointment software
With the help of his assistant in another room, Dr. Todd Young of Main Street Medical Clinic in Springdale, NL, demonstrates the software that will be used to counsel and support addictions sufferers in remote and rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.

What Happens After a Patient Calls?
A teleconference is arranged with Amy Parsons, the MSMC Addictions Coordinator. She will confer with Dr. Todd Young and a video appointment may be arranged within 24-36 hours. If the patient agrees to treatment, they will then be emailed a lab requisition for blood work. Patients are given information by email on treatment options, and how to prepare. The patient will receive encouragement from others in the program who are thriving. Treatment follows, with daily and then monthly follow ups via telephone or video appointment.

A news release from Main Street Medical Clinic pointed out all efforts will be made to arrange a face-to-face appointment within one month and to develop collaboration with the patient’s family physician, a nurse practitioner, and/or pharmacist. They will also work with addictions counsellors and offer all patients access to counselling services.

Anyone in the province who would like help from this online access addictions program should call Main Street Medical Clinic in Springdale at 709-700-0998, or email [email protected]

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