REVIEW | Carrot Rewards App

REVIEW | Carrot Rewards App

A while back I read an article on CBC NL‘s website about the Newfoundland and Labrador launch of an app called Carrot Rewards.

Also in use in British Columbia, Carrot Rewards is installed on a mobile device and aims to encourage more physical exercise and healthy choices through counting your steps each day and providing quizzes to be completed. Points are awarded that the user can add to programs like Aeroplan Miles, SCENE, and Petro-Points.

I downloaded the Carrot Rewards app to my mobile phone from the Google Play. Set up was simple and I chose to add my Cineplex SCENE account to which my Carrot Rewards points will be added. (I have gotten a few free movies to date.)

The app’s quizzes are simple, and the app is simple as well.  The only catch really is remembering to take the phone when I head out for a stomp up King’s Point road. I had assumed I would have to carry my phone in my hand for steps to accumulate but the app manages to count my steps even if my phone is in my pocket or backpack.

The app needs a data connection to calculate points so if you walk in an area that doesn’t have cell service (which is many places in Green Bay) you won’t know how many steps you have until it can connect.

After two weeks of counting steps, the app placed a ‘carrot’ in front of me. The app calculated my average daily number of steps for the two weeks I used it and added an amount to that average. It assigned me a daily goal of steps. Each day that I reach that goal and get that number of steps in, I will receive four SCENE points.

Let’s face it, it is nice to get a reward. The best thing is getting to know how much I am walking. I had thought I was walking each day more than I actually was.  I was also surprised at how many steps you can get in while gallivanting around Exploits Valley Mall. Little wonder we feel so tired after a day hitting the shops.

I would recommend Carrot Rewards. It’s free and it can motivate. You’ll eventually get a tangible reward out of it, with the very awesome bonus of better health if you keep it up. That’s win-win right there.


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