Because Education Really Matters, Speak Up!

Because Education Really Matters, Speak Up!

It is no joke that education is important. In this modern age it is more important than ever. Our children need the problem solving skills and mental flexibility to adapt to our ever changing world.

And our world is changing fast.

Weigh in on Newfoundland and Labrador’s Education System. Speak up. Help move things forward.

There are 2 ways to make your opinion heard.

#1 ~Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Government Surveys & Public Comments.

The Provincial Government established a task force on improving educational outcomes. This task force has been mandated to examine Newfoundland and Labrador’s K-12 education system.

They are taking input until Monday, March 20, 2017.

This is your chance to say what has been on your mind regarding:

  • early learning
  • mathematics
  • reading/literacy
  • inclusive education
  • student mental health and wellness
  • multicultural education
  • cooperative education
  • indigenous education
  • teacher education and professional development

There are three ways to send your input to the Government.

1. Email 
You can email your thoughts to [email protected] They ask that you use the following guiding questions for your submission:

~What is your specific interest area?
~What issue would you like to address?
~What is the current status of this issue?
~What are your suggestions for improvement?

2. Survey
There are also THREE surveys available online.

1. For educators [hyperlink removed April 29]

2. For parents/guardians [hyperlink removed April 29]

3. For high school students [hyperlink removed April 29]

3. Public Comment
You can also make a public comment at [hyperlink removed April 29]

#2 ~Newfoundland and Labrador English School Board Survey
The Newfoundland and Labrador English School Board is required to develop a three-year strategic plan. The current strategic plan comes to an end in June 2017.

As part of consultations designed to help form the new plan, an online survey is in place to get input from parents and guardians, and the general public: NL English School Board’s Survey OnlineThe deadline for completing the survey is March 10.

Your email is required for the NLESD survey but it is promised the email will not be kept after the survey results are compiled, and the email will not be used to identify anyone. The Survey has 10 pages and takes about 10-20 minutes.