DUMPING | Garbage Added to Springdale’s Community Bonfire Pile

DUMPING | Garbage Added to Springdale’s Community Bonfire Pile


November 6, 2018 ~ King’s Point made provincial news this week after their Town Council decided against future community bonfires due to the amount of rubbish secretly added to the pile. The garbage was picked out and taken to the Green Bay Waste landfill by Town staff. [Read on greenbayfeed.com]

Green Bay Feed was sent photos yesterday of Springdale’s community bonfire pile. The bonfire in that community is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th, behind Indian River Academy.

The growing pile contains plastics, furniture, and other items that Government has deemed shouldn’t be burned.

As of this morning, the items were still in the pile.

Government also states pressure treated wood should not be burned.

The burning of garbage can cause headaches and nausea. It can also increase the risk of developing heart disease. The smoke can contain dioxins, arsenic, PCBs, carbon monoxide and more. And pollutants can be left behind in the ash. (www.ec.gc.ca)