Dorset Collegiate Students Take Back the ‘Cup’

The Fourth Annual 'Dorset Cup' saw Teachers/Parents vs Students, on Ice

Dorset Collegiate Students Take Back the ‘Cup’

The fourth annual ‘Dorset Cup’ took place on Wednesday, March 29 at the Green Bay South Arena in Triton. The Dorset Cup is a series of friendly hockey games between Dorset Collegiate’s student team and a team of teachers/parents.

The series was first played in 2014, and was started in order to help build school spirit and interaction between Dorset Collegiate and nearby communities. The student team won the cup in that first year and the teacher/parent team took the prize in 2015 and 2016.

This year, instead of a series the Dorset Cup was a one-night event that would see the winning team take the trophy in one swoop.

Dorset Collegiate science teacher Sherman Osmond, who also played in the game, very kindly provided a report on the night.

Student Laura Callahan started the night off right with the national anthem. But for the teacher/parent team, the night was off to a rough start. A couple of players didn’t show up, leaving them a short bench.

The Dorset student team came out ready to play. They scored 2 quick goals to get the game started. Things began to settle down and the teacher/parents shook off the nerves and responded with a couple goals of their own. Even with that, by the end of the first the students had secured a 5-4 lead.

hockey players on ice
Players meet on the ice during the Dorset Cup game [Photo credit: Sarah Warren. Many thanks, Sarah. And also thanks to Nancy Slade Rideout]

A close second period saw back and forth action and the student team took a 7-5 lead into the final period.

Going into the third period the students may have been a little overconfident. The teacher/parent team took advantage and nabbed 3 quick goals which finally gave them a lead, at 8-7.

The students showed some resilience and began to battle back. With the teacher/parent team fading, the students scored 4 more goals making the score 11-8, with 2 minutes remaining! With the Dorset Cup on the line, the teacher/parent team pulled their goalie and scored again.

The teachers/parents continued to put pressure on the student team but their goalie came up big making some big saves and the teacher/parent team simply ran out of time. A fantastic finish to a closely matched game provided some great entertainment for the fans and saw the students pull off the 11-9 victory. The students reclaimed the Dorset Cup after a two-year teacher/parent reign but the teacher/parent team vow to win it back next year.

The organizing team would like to thank all those who helped out and came out to support the event. Approximately $400 was raised for the school’s breakfast program as a result.


This event demonstrates the level of effort put into our local schools. Well done, everyone! And congratulations to the Dorset Student Team!!

[Photo at very top is a stock image]