Does Glassy Beach Have Any Beach Glass Left?

Does Glassy Beach Have Any Beach Glass Left?

November 21, 2017 ~ Springdale NL’s ‘Glassy Beach‘ was once a secret spot, known to those who knew it. It is now a tourist attraction with signage marking its path. It has been featured on tourism blogs and websites.

If you are unfamiliar with this curious Springdale NL attraction, Glassy Beach is a small pebbly beach located within Springdale town limits. Its claim to fame, as you can guess, is the amount of glass that is among the rocks there. The site was once a bottle dump and glass now litters the shore.

Proving that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, reportedly a lot of glass has been removed over the years by beachcombers. There has been some local concern in the last few years that too much beach glass has been removed from the little cove, diminishing the appeal of the site.

Rumours really started to flow that Glassy Beach is just not that glassy any more.

But a visit to Glassy Beach a week ago showed the site can still live up to its name. The little beach sparkled as sunlight hit the glass pieces. Even if the amount of glass is less than there was in yesteryear, there is enough glass to be interesting. It was interesting enough that I couldn’t tell you what the view of Halls Bay is like there. I realize now that I didn’t look up from the pebbly/glassy beach once.

If you haven’t visited Glassy Beach yet, to get there drive down Main Street in Springdale. Head past Valley Vista and past the hospital until you come to a gravel road at the very end of Main Street. [ Glassy Beach on Google Maps ] The gravel road is technically still Main Street and it isn’t rough. You’ll drive down the gravel stretch, past a cemetery. A bit later you’ll find the Glassy Beach sign on the right. There’s off road parking for two vehicles.

The path to the beach is very short and takes only minutes. Although a bit rough and steep in just a few small spots, it shouldn’t cause problems for anyone who has no mobility issues.

Glassy Beach still makes for an interesting visit but, to help this local curiosity stay in all its glassy glory, you might want to avoid filling your pockets with beach glass to take home.

Lower Island Rock Cove

If you carry on driving on down the gravel road past the Glassy Beach path, you’ll come to Lower Island Rock Cove. This open cove has a pebbly beach that makes for a nice short stroll.