The Deeper Meaning of Goodyear’s Cove

The Deeper Meaning of Goodyear’s Cove

Published on: Jan 24, 2017

On January 11, 2017, MP Scott Simms announced South Brook is receiving $175,500 from ACOA’s Innovative Communities Fund for upgrades to the Goodyear’s Cove dock. On the same day, and in the same room in Springdale, MHA Brian Warr announced a further $62,500 from the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development, also to help upgrade the Goodyear’s Cove dock area.

That is a total of $238,000, a significant amount of funding for any small town anywhere in Canada.

There was a time when Goodyear’s Cove was known only for its sunny seaside campground and spring water. It turns out the significance of Goodyear’s Cove is deeper than most of us know.

The Town of South Brook has in its hands one of the deepest ports in Newfoundland. The water depths at Goodyear’s Cove start at 33ft at the dock and go down to 78ft out from there. It can accommodate massive ships weighing up to 100,000 tons. (For comparison, the Titanic reportedly weighed in at just over 52000 tons.)

Huge vessels, that simply cannot dock just anywhere, can pull into Goodyear’s Cove.

That means sizeable vessels can come into Green Bay with some very sizeable shipments. Avalon Coal Salt & Oil Ltd, out of Bay Robert’s, has been moving some substantial amounts of ice-control salt into this area, through Goodyear’s Cove. In July, 2016, a one-time shipment of 17027 tons of salt arrived. In 2015 a single shipment of salt came in that weighed a total 23000 tons.

23000 tons can be hard to comprehend. (For comparison, an African elephant can weigh 5 tons. We could arguably think of 23000 tons as the salt weight equivalent of 4600 mid-sized elephants.) It’s a lot of salt.

vessel goodyears cove port
Goodyear’s Cove Port   (Photo Credit: Paul Mills)


The ability of large ships to dock at Goodyear’s Cove is also meaningful to mining operators in the Central Newfoundland area. The port can provide access to North Atlantic shipping lanes and is located adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway. The location was strategic enough for Rambler Mines to sign a five-year contract to use the port. Rambler also invested in building a storage facility and conveyor loading system there for its use.

(Rambler produced a short 01:24 minute video on its facility at the Goodyear’s Cove Port.)

A representative of the Town of South Brook stated that the dock is important to the community, because of ‘the potential’.

Therefore, the deep funding announced last week will be used for upgrades to the dock to increase the efficiency and safety of the loading and off-loading of vessels.

The improvements are expected to provide more opportunities as the Town of South Brook plans and strategically sets an eye on its deep port at Goodyear’s Cove being the site of more colossal shipments in and out of Central Newfoundland.


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