Codzilla, Flying Squid and Jumpin’ Salmon

Something smells fishy, and that's good.

Codzilla, Flying Squid and Jumpin’ Salmon


Squid, salmon and a cod big enough to feed a small army. Here’s what Green Bay Feed discovered on the net, on August 30th, 2017.

~ 1.  Triton’s Michael Roberts uploaded a photo on August 27th of codzilla and it has pretty much gone viral.

It now has well over 300 shares on Facebook and this is fast becoming a pretty famous 40+ lbs fish.

~ 2. Nicole Andrews clearly loves to take a photo or two and her Instagram account has some pretty neat images. Here’s one she snapped of a salmon jumping in George Huxter Park, Springdale:

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~ 3. Tonya Pelley sent along this action shot of her husband Joe, taken 7:30 in the morning while gettin’ squid at Beachside. No one can say there’s no work behind a plate of squid rings!


~ 4. A little less dramatic is this peaceful photo of squid jigging at Roberts Arm, shared by Claudelle Devoe and picked up by CBC NL:



[Top photo is a Green Bay Feed archive image: Triton, 2016]