Check It Out | Valmont Academy & Indian River High Photos

Throughout the school year, there's a whole lot going on. And here's a taste of it!

Check It Out | Valmont Academy & Indian River High Photos


Not on Twitter?

Then you probably missed these photos of Green Bay North teens being awesome. Check these 14 snaps out!

All of the following are embedded Tweets. Clicking any will open the Twitter website/app.

1 ~ First! Here’s the Valmont Academy Boys Softball Team ~

2 ~ Next! The Indian River High School Boys Soccer Team! Well Done! ~

3 ~ And Here’s Indian River High’s Girls Soccer Team! Well Done! ~

4 ~ Check Out Valmont Academy’s Girls Soccer Team! That Goalie Looks Fierce!~

5 ~ And Another Snap of the Indian River High Girls Soccer Team! ~

6 ~ And an IRH Pep Rally ~

7 ~ And now Some Softball ~

8 ~ AND the Terry Fox Run ~

9 ~ IRH SHAD Fellow ~

10 ~ Ping Pong at IRH ~

11 ~ Valmont Female Athletes, on the Road! ~

12 ~ Yet Another Banner for Green Bay! ~

13 ~ Happy Birthday! Whooo! ~

14 ~ Sports are great. And so is science! ~

[Top photo is of Indian River High cross country runners posing for photos at a qualifier hosted by Valmont Academy on October 11, 2017.]

There are of course teens in Green Bay South and Middle Arm being awesome too. Let’s hope the schools there get it out on social media more so the world can see! 🙂