Check Out the Beach at Beachside’s Backcove

The beach of a billion pebbles that's easy to get to

Check Out the Beach at Beachside’s Backcove


I have seen the name written as Back Cove. I have seen the name written as Backcove. Whatever you want to call it, however you prefer to spell it, this cove at Beachside NL is pretty cool.

At Backcove, cliffs tower above a beach of gray pebbles. Waves crash and roll over shoals and in over those smooth stones. Washed up there are items reclaimed from the ocean, sea-worn wood, shells and coral.

In front of it all the Atlantic is spread out, with arms of land reaching out on each side.

There are stairs to get to the beach, but overall there isn’t much walking to reach this destination. Once you drive down Backcove Road in Beachside, you’re there!

Backcove is located at the end of a side road in Beachside, Backcove Road. [Backcove Road on Google Maps] There are a fair number of stairs to get down to the beach at Backcove but that’s it. There is no hiking to be done.

At the top of the stairs at Backcove: a little picnic spot

For anyone who wants to, or needs to, avoid the stairs the view at the top of cliffs is still worth the drive. The road runs right up alongside the cliffs. Visitors would need only to get out of the vehicle and take in the views. (Do not climb over the fence! Those cliffs are pretty high, and the grasses and thistles hide the edge.)

Backcove, Beachside NL

Backcove is a beachcomber’s delight

For those who do head down to the beach. One set of sturdy stairs will get you there. And it is quite motivating that the destination is spread out below.

The stairs are relatively new, built about a year ago. Bits of the old stairs can be seen on the beach. One piece made for a improvised bench, for sitting and watching the waves.

Backcove is also a pretty good spot for some beachcombing. All sorts of things lay washed up there.

Backcove is a pretty dramatic spot

Backcove is dramatic in appearance on any day but when the sun breaks through and lights up the cliffs the surroundings are simply stunning to look at. On a good day, from the top of the cliffs you will be able to see for miles.

It is almost impossible to get a bad photo of the pinnacle-like piece of cliff jutting out at the end of the beach (pictured immediately above). It has a commanding presence, and the waves crash loudly at its base.

It can be quite relaxing to sit, listen to the waves, and choose a few choice pebbles as souvenirs