Central Health Says No Decision Yet on Dr. Todd Young’s Application

Central Health Says No Decision Yet on Dr. Todd Young’s Application


August 23, 2018 ~ In a lengthy statement released today, Central Health said no decision has been made regarding Dr. Todd Young’s recent application for hospital privileges.

There has been considerable public outcry after Dr. Young’s recent announcement that he will end the Family Practice aspect of his Main Street Medical Clinic services in Springdale. He cited a lack of hospital privileges as a reason.

Central Health restated today that Dr. Young “has had courtesy privileges since early 2016”, meaning he can order diagnostic imaging and laboratory services, rehabilitation services and community care.

Protesters in Springdale

In today’s statement as well, Central Health said: “Negative comments from residents about foreign-trained physicians are troubling.”

The statement went on to say that anyone in the Springdale area needing a family physician “will be assigned” one when at the Green Bay Health Centre for an appointment.

Here is the Central Health August 23rd statement, in full and unedited:


August 23, 2018

Central Health recognizes that there is individual and public interest in Dr. Young’s application for privileges. The health authority has chosen to make public statements in an effort to balance the requirement to protect the fairness of the objective credentialing process outlined in the Medical Staff Bylaws, a commitment to open and transparent stakeholder relations, and the need to correct misleading or incorrect information publicly circulating.

Similar to other Regional Health Authorities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Central Health’s Medical Staff Bylaws outline the process and established criteria to evaluate physician applications for privileges in the health authority’s facilities. Dr. Young’s recent application for privileges is currently going through that process at this time. There has been no decision regarding approval or denial of the current application for privileges. Respecting the integrity of the objective credentialing process, Central Health cannot publicly discuss details related to individual applications for privileges. While it is understandable that individuals may want to discuss their physician’s credentialing status directly with Central Health administration, it is inappropriate for the health authority or any member of administration to discuss details of any individual application with anyone other than the applicant.

It is important to note that while Dr. Young does not currently have full privileges with Central Health, he has had courtesy privileges since early 2016. Courtesy privileges enable family physicians to order diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, rehabilitation services, health promotion, health education, and community care to serve the needs of their patients. Dr. Young has operated a family practice without associated and active privileges since early 2016. It is common in this province, and across Canada, for family physicians to not provide hospital-based care. Central Health has physicians available on a 24-hour basis to manage patients requiring hospital-based care. Central Health respects family physicians’ decisions about the operation of their private practices. It is also encouraged by comments on Main Street Medical Clinic’s Facebook page indicating that Dr. Young intends to continue providing some health services which the health authority understands could include addictions services and Internet-based consultations.

Central Health acknowledges and appreciates the concerns of the community about access to primary care. The health authority has a dedicated team focused on physician recruitment and retention currently recruiting for physician vacancies across the health region. Negative comments from residents about foreign-trained physicians are troubling. The health authority is committed to safe and respectful work and care environments that are welcoming and inclusive. Central Health welcomes all physicians licensed, credentialed, and practicing at Central Health facilities.

If anyone in the Springdale area needs a family physician, please call the Green Bay Health Centre at 709.673.3867. You don’t need to call to be assigned to a family physician. You only need to call when you need an appointment. At that time, a family physician will be assigned to you.


According to Court and Newfoundland and Labrador College of Physicians and Surgeons documents, Dr. Young admitted to a relationship with one former female patient and “inappropriate conduct” with another. Dr. Young withdrew from practice in 2014.

His license was later suspended by the NL College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The period of suspension ended on November 30, 2015. Dr. Young later returned to practice and opened a medical clinic in Springdale in early 2016. The clinic has been very well received by the Springdale area.

Dr. Young’s application for hospital privileges, however, was rejected by Central Health.