FOUND ON THE WEB | Shoe Cove Fishing Videos That You’ll Want to See

The rolling ocean, and a hint of the past.

  October 17, 2018 ~ ‘Go’ fishing off Cape St. John through videos posted to the Shoe Cove, Newfoundland Facebook page. The videos are said to show Garland Osmond and David Martin out fishing for cod.  The videos are short, but interesting. The boat rises, twists and falls with the waves. Seagulls cry out, and […]

Love Stories on Rattling Brook’s Caribou Trail

This New Trail Has a Newer Tradition

  At the very end of Rattling Brook, the Caribou Trail begins. This 6km in/out trail starts as an all-terrain vehicle path that skirts large fields. The view of the bay is wide and inspiring. Past those fields and a few cabins, the Caribou Walking Trail turns quietly down to the shore. There the trail […]

Great Local Stories in the Book ‘Once Upon a Mine’

The Mining History of Little Bay, Roberts Arm, Halls Bay, Pilley's Island, King's Point, Tilt Cove and Bett's Cove ~ Right in One Handy Online Book

You wouldn’t think stories of holes in the ground could be interesting. But they can be. Even if you aren’t much of a mining or history buff, there are some pretty good stories in the book Once Upon a Mine: Story of Pre-Confederation Mines on the Island of Newfoundland by Wendy Martin. The book has […]

Halls Bay Historical Treasure Trove, in One Single Magazine

If you hail from any point between Beachside and Brighton, this is for you

MUN’s Digital Archives has entire editions of Decks Awash magazine.  For, Decks Awash vol. 17, no. 05 (Sept-Oct 1988) was examined. The longer that particular magazine was peered into, the more toppled out. In the end it was a Decks Awash cornucopia of bits of the past. This Decks Awash has profiles and articles from Beachside to Brighton. Among its pages, there is truly something for […]

Take a Look Inside the Green Bay Food Bank in Springdale

In 2016 the Food Bank helped 156 families. In 2017 that number may go higher. The need is increasing.

It is not easy… being down on your luck. It keeps you from getting to sleep at night. It wakes you up at 4 am. It affects your self-esteem. And if your cupboard is empty, it feels even worse. Many of us may find it diffcult to believe that here in Canada, in Newfoundland and […]