FOUND ON THE WEB | One of the BEST Green Bay NL videos around

How many locations can YOU name?

  October 12, 2018 ~ With music dramatic enough to lift the hairs up on the back of your neck, this video found on Youtube is pretty engaging and will absolutely make you want to go out in boat. You can play a good game of ‘Where’s Dat At?’ as you watch. In the video […]

Have a Look at the Harry’s Harbour Public Library

The Cutest Little Library That You Have Yet to Go To

Harry’s Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, has a population of less than 100. It is a pretty community with a lot of shoreline and despite being so small, it can boast about having what may very well be the only 5-way intersection in all of Green Bay. Many houses in Harry’s Harbour are now summer cottages for out-of-town folks. In the warmer […]

Have a Look at the Walking Trail at Goodyear’s Cove Newfoundland

You Don't Have to Go Far to Get a Million Dollar View

To be honest, Saturday, June 10th was a pretty windy day. But a walk up the trail at Goodyear’s Cove was pretty nice. In a brochure provided at the info chalet at Goodyear’s Cove Park, the trail was named: Goodyear’s Cove Trail System. But on Google Maps it is shown as South Brook Hiking Trail. Whatever you want to call it, […]

Where The Icebergs At? | June 5th-6th

2017 is the Year of Ice, Baby

It is no secret that there is plenty of ice in Green Bay right now. It means headaches for fishermen and heaven for iceberg hunters. And it is heating up local debate on climate change. Love the bergs and pans or hate the bergs and pans. They are here. We might as well shoot them… […]

Iceberg, May 27!

Ice beauty, just off shore

Man, it has been a wicked Spring for ice! Pack ice clogs many bays in the area and has been affecting the ferry run to Little Bay Islands and Long Island. The ice has also delayed fishing here on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. An iceberg was spotted in Nicky’s Nose Cove on Saturday, May 27, 2017. [Pictured […]