Blood Collection Coming to Triton

Blood Collection Coming to Triton

Main Street Medical Clinic in Springdale announced on its Facebook page that it will be offering blood collection services in Triton, starting Thursday, March 2nd.

The Facebook post stated:

“On Thursday, March 2nd, 2017, anyone wishing to have their blood collected for their fasting or routine lab work, can present to the Triton Medical Clinic between 8am and 11am. People from communities outside Triton are also welcomed.”

The medical clinic advises that people call Jessica at 709 263 2230 the day before they intend to arrive in Triton for blood collection. Calling ahead is intended to help ensure adequate supplies are brought to Triton.

Everyone needing blood work done will need to bring a completed requisition.

Main Street Medical clinic reported in a previous Facebook post that the Town of Triton had asked the Clinic to plan a level of enhanced services for their community, such as the opportunity for blood collection at the Triton Medical Clinic once a week. It is thought this new measure would save the cost and time for patients travelling to Springdale for non-urgent blood collection.

Samples will be processed at a Central Health lab.