Big Craft ‘N’ Trade Fair at Valmont Academy in King’s Point Nov. 4th

Big Craft ‘N’ Trade Fair at Valmont Academy in King’s Point Nov. 4th


When you have a gym as big as Valmont Academy has, if you plan a Fall Fair, you ‘go big or go home‘.

On November 4th this small K-12 school will be the site of a big Fair. So big, organizers say, that the gym won’t be able to fully hold it. There will be 40+ tables. The small cafeteria will also be used for the event. One vendor will likely be set up outside the building. Vendors will also be set up on the school’s stage.  There’ll be photos with Santa in the music room.

And there will be a food truck outside the building.

There is an entrance fee of $2, which will also get you an entry to a 50/50 draw. There will be a hand-made quilt to be won as well.

Doors will open at 10:00 am. Organizers are kindly asking shoppers not to try to enter before that time.

This event will run until 4:00 pm.

The kitchen will be open from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be pizza for $2 a slice, soup will be $2 as will sandwiches. You’ll be able to pick up a full sandwich and soup meal for $5, including the drink. Take out will be available. The soup will be home-cooked, locally.

Proceeds from the table rentals, lunch, 50/50 and quilt draw will all go to Valmont Academy for purchases to support in-classroom work.

In Spring, 2017, Valmont Academy held its first ever Fair. It had 35+ tables and welcomed hundreds of visitors through its doors.

Valmont Academy is located on Main Street, King’s Point, next to the Municipal Building. Finding it will be easy on November 4th, for all the vehicles that will be parked around it. Valmont has a large parking lot, and there will be parking available at the Municipal Building next door. (You are asked not to block the fire hall doors.)


[Photos above are from the Spring Fair at Valmont.]