Benefit Concert for Green Bay Historical Church

Benefit Concert for Green Bay Historical Church

Travis Richards, Peter Goudie and some members of their family will play a benefit concert at the United Church in Jackson’s Cove, on December 30 at 7pm. This celebration has been titled “Christmas in the Cove”.

All proceeds will go to the bills and maintenance of this historical local church. The United Church in Jackson’s Cove was built nearly 100 years ago. It is a unique building in Green Bay North and, along with historical buildings like those in Pilley’s Island, it is a regional treasure.

For the past few years Travis and Peter have done similar evenings during the Christmas season to support the Jackson’s Cove United Church. The church has special meaning to Travis’ family because his ancestors played a role in its construction.

The two men, brothers in law, are known for skilled renditions of traditional songs and this, in combination with a historical church backdrop, should make for a special evening once again this year.

Logistical notes: If you plan to attend, you may wish to bring your own camp chair, as seating may be limited. And please be advised that, due to the age of this church, there may not be a restroom.

United Church in Jackson's Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador
Jackson’s Cove United Church