Baie Verte Mayor Calls For Action on Springdale/Baie Verte Ambulance Service

Baie Verte Mayor Calls For Action on Springdale/Baie Verte Ambulance Service


December 17, 2018 ~ The Mayor of Baie Verte, Brandon Philpott, released a letter today outlining what he feels are problems with the Central Health ambulance service in the Springdale and Baie Verte Peninsula areas.

He is calling for residents to voice their concerns to Central Health, politicians and the media.

In his letter Philpott stated he feels a lot of people on the Baie Verte Peninsula “do not know we have a problem with the ambulance service.”

He went on to state:

 “The current system in place is a shared service with Springdale and surrounding areas. This translates into Baie Verte and Springdale not having an ambulance in their community a great deal of the time. As one area dispatches its ambulance the other has to send its ambulance to park at the Baie Verte junction. More often than not both communities are relying on an ambulance that is parked at least 40 minutes away from Baie Verte.”

He letter also reports two incidents he says were impacted by the ambulance service:

“Over the past year our area has had a number of accidents that were life threatening. For example, one such incident was a year ago where an individual fell from a height, and more recently, a week ago, an accident at an active mine site on the peninsula. In both cases calls were made to Central Health for an ambulance only to be told that the ambulance was parked at the Baie Verte junction, at least 40 minutes away.”

Mayor Philpott also wrote his concerns about the work conditions of the paramedics as they sit parked at Baie Verte junction:

“Another major issue is that while our paramedics are posted at the Baie Verte junction they do not have any access to washroom facilities and have to drive to the Springdale junction Esso when a bathroom is needed. To worsen the conditions, they are expected to sit in an ambulance while waiting for a call, which has been at times in excess of 10 hours.”

Here is the link to download Mayor Philpott’s letter in full, downloadable from the Town’s Facebook group.