Advertising Options

Target the Green Bay area

Advertising Options is now, very simply, an excellent place to advertise when you want to reach Green Bay. Targeting this area through Google & social media ads can be very TIME CONSUMING. is already targeted to the Green Bay area. Done. Simple.


~ 1 ~ Have a top-page banner ad, AND in-article ads each month. (Ads right in the articles work very well) Contact Deb for the price & details

Paid content is the modern way to go. Have an article on, PLUS three months of advertising on the website

  1. Full article with photos about your business, an aspect of your business, the skills of your workers, or a certain product you want to move. There are many options.
  2. PLUS Get three months of advertising on
  3. Article will stay on after the three months are finished
  4. Contact Deb for the price The price is GREAT. It’s a price that other outlets would find hard to beat.

Case Study | The Burnt Berry Paid Article on

Burnt Berry Resort’s owners wanted to highlight their new RV park and diner and they chose to work with to get the word out. Their deal included an article and 3 months of advertising. The article covered the new Camp 5 RV Park and their Classic Diner. The results were fantastic, with the kind of real and genuine engagement for price that most business owners dream about!

FIRST Month Stats (Remember, these are the stats for one month only of a three month deal.)

~ Article read 2,458 times (1st mo.)
~ Ads viewed 7500+ times on
~ Article had a 8,284 reach on Facebook
~ And received 643 likes, shares and comments

And it’s not finished.
There are nearly two months left for the ads.
And the article stays there, still working long after and not costing anything more.
AND there are no plans yet to ever take in-article ads out. They will stay there past the three months, working for Burnt Berry.

Drop me a line. When you are launching a new business or a product, really want to move those cars or ATVS or want to showcase your team’s skills and knowledge, an article really is the way to go.