Submission Guidelines

Green Bay Feed is here to help our Green Bay communities grow and thrive. There has been a lot of wonderful effort by our communities. It’s great. Let’s bring it together in Green Bay Feed.

Free Things:

  • Non profit community organization, school, and church event Information
  • Non-commercial tourist information
  • Public advisories from Town Councils, churches, schools and non profit organizations
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Non-profit fund raising drive information

Advertising and Sponsorship
If you are looking to publicize your business, you should contact Green Bay Feed about advertising. A banner is only about $28 a week.

If a commercial advertiser is hosting or sponsoring an event of benefit or support to a non-profit, the event may be publicized on this website with the advertiser name attached to it within the article text.

If your business is a major sponsor a local event that will benefit/support a non-profit and you would like the event to be publicized on Green Bay Feed with your business name attached to it within the article text, it’s easy. Just make a one-month donation of $30 or more to Green Bay Feed through Patreon, and your business name will be publicly associated with the event on this website IN THE POST TEXT. If you would like your logo and name in the imagery and article title, the fee is about $115. Contact Green Bay Feed

Just a Few Rules for Submissions

Green Bay Feed is here to help our communities and the aim is to publish as much from Green Bay as possible, but it is important that information be accurate and that we ‘play nicely’.

For further details, please refer to the Site Terms of Use & Disclaimer.



As much as possible will be posted on, but it is at the sole discretion of the Green Bay Feed Editor which, and how much, information will be uploaded. The editor reserves the right to refuse submissions on any grounds. Submissions may also be edited for clarity and brevity. View Site Terms of Use & Disclaimer.