About This Website

About This Website

What is Green Bay Feed?

GreenBayFeed.com is a multi-community web-based service that delivers Green Bay, Newfoundland, information. The types of information on the website is in a broad scope, yet has a simplistic criteria. If it about Green Bay, for Green Bay or from Green Bay, it may have a place on this website.

Most everything from Green Bay churches, schools and non-profits will be posted without charge. Events from the Baie Verte Peninsula of Newfoundland that may be of interest to Green Bay residents may be posted. On very rare occasions, relevant information out of other areas of Newfoundland and Labrador and the rest of Canada may be posted, but the focus is on Green Bay.


I am Deb Cakes, from King’s Point. Over the years I have worked for a variety of communications/news businesses: the Nor’Wester newspaper (Transcontinental Media), Coffee News NL, and Waterwerks Communications in St. John’s. (Waterwerks does communications and advertising for Purity, Gov NL, Oceanex, Fortis and more.)

I have a Diploma in Website Administration from the College of the North Atlantic, and writing, graphics and ad sales experience.

I wear all the hats at Green Bay Feed. There is a ton of work to do on the website in a week and, yes, it is really is a 24-7 job. I am kept hopping but at least the staff parties are cheap.


Deb Cakes nl