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NOTE: This web page may be edited in future as new information becomes available.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, the term Green Bay commonly refers to an area covering the Triton and Springdale economic catchment areas.

But where IS Green Bay really? When compiling the information for this website, a question popped up. Where exactly is the bay called Green?

Looking at older maps, Green Bay is shown as covering Northwest Arm, Middle Arm and Southwest Arm (where King’s Point and Rattling Brook are). According to the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador, Green Bay Island (which sits just north of Harry’s Harbour), is the dividing point between Green Bay and the rest of Notre Dame Bay.

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‘Green Bay’ now really just refers to the region covering the Triton and Springdale areas. And this region is now known as being split into two areas, Green Bay North and Green Bay South.

Green Bay North consists of communities in the Springdale area:

King’s Point
Rattling Brook
Jackson’s Cove-Langdon’s Cove-Silverdale (& Nicky’s Nose Cove)
St. Patrick’s
Coffee Cove
Little Bay
Little Bay Islands

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Green Bay South consists of communities between South Brook and Triton

South Brook
Robert’s Arm
Pilley’s Island
Lushes Bight-Beaumont-Beaumont North (Long Island)
Port Anson
Miles Cove

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It can be easily argued Middle Arm, Burlington and Smith’s Harbour should be included on this website. They are technically in Green Bay. Those communities will be included in future.

The Area Known as Green Bay is Growing: Other areas in Green Bay outside the boundaries of towns and service districts have also become populated over the years. West Bottom (Google Earth), Hydro Road (Google Earth), and Burnt Berry Pond (Google Earth) are now very much like communities, although not officially recognized.

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