$500,000 for Beachside Wharf Project

$500,000 for Beachside Wharf Project

September 23, 2017 ~ MHA Brian Warr and MP Scott Simms were in Beachside today to announce $500 000 in funding for a wharf repair project.

The dilapidated wharf in Beachside has been in bad shape for years and has been described as an “eyesore”. A warning sign was placed there over 15 years ago, and the wharf has clearly been decaying ever since.

In the wharf’s structure and supports there are now gaping holes and just a few days ago the main section fell and is now on a dangerous angle. (Pictured at top.)

Beachside Town Council has been lobbying for repairs to the wharf for years. And the biggest voice in that lobby was councillor Nancy Bowers.

Nancy said she just could not give up trying to see improvements to the wharf.

Despite getting whipped by the high winds of September 23rd, MHA Warr and MP Simms were clearly very pleased to make the funding announcement. Simms said, “This is going to be a good news story that I am going to remember for the rest of my life…”

He thanked Brian Warr his role in the process and then he motioned towards Nancy Bowers.

“And thank YOU,”  he said.

And, through a huge smile, he added: “This is the best compliment I can give today. She’s the biggest pain the ass I know! …That’s a good thing.”

Everyone at the wharf erupted into laughter, while Nancy beamed from ear to ear.

After the funding announcement, MHA Brian Warr (Left), Nancy Bowers and MP Scott Simms pose for photos — with the wharf and Beachside’s pretty bay as a back drop

MP Simms said the tender will be released this week and he added: “We’re hoping to get this done by the end of the fall.”

The money will primarily be used to replace the large section which stems straight out from the shore.

During his address to the group gathered at the wharf, Brian Warr said the new wharf would be of benefit to local fish harvesters.

Nancy, on the telephone with Green Bay Feed later in the day, echoed that. She said that she and her husband own a boat and are licensed fishers. She explained they can’t easily move what they catch. Until the dilapidated wharf is fixed, trucks simply can’t get near the boat.

She said fishermen in that area will be able to more easily ship what they catch once the improvements to the wharf are made.