5 Tips for the Alexander MurrayTrail in King’s Point, NL

5 Tips for the Alexander MurrayTrail in King’s Point, NL

Much has been written on the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail in Newfoundland & Labrador. (Check out external links at the bottom of this page) Its entrance is located at the beginning of King’s Point and it is a key Green Bay tourist attraction.

Newfoundland and Labrador draws visitors from all over the world, and quite a few of them each year take on the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail.

The trail, in brief:

    • 8 kms in total
    • 1100 ft elevation at the peak 
    • Approx. 2200 man made steps in total
    • 3 waterfalls
    • Rated Medium-Difficult: varied terrain with board walks, rest areas with benches along route
alexander murray hiking trail stairs
(Yes, those are stairs)

There is a craft shop/information centre at the mouth of the trail, which is open during summer months. Next to the visitor information centre there is an additional building used for community social functions, and picnic tables for public use at any time.

The trail itself is a fairly challenging one, involving boardwalks, a variety of terrain, some steep climbs, quite a number of stairs an some mud puddles to work around.

Time: The time needed to complete the trail can vary greatly, dependent on fitness level and number of stops along the way. Some hikers are up and down in less than two hours, others have needed as least four.

Tip #1: Hikers should keep in mind that temperatures can be much lower at the top of the trail, with considerable wind chill. Although this may not affect a summer hike, it is important to remember during spring or fall. Take extra clothing. And winter hikes to the summit are simply not a good idea unless you are a very well-equipped and much experienced hiker.

Tip #2: Taking plenty of liquids on your hike is also very important. Most people will work up quite a sweat while going up and down 2200 stairs! Water will at the least keep you comfortable.

Tip #3: Especially in early summer, mosquito repellent should be in your backpack.

Tip #4: After any amount of rainfall, portions of the trail can be wet. After significant rainfall, some of the lower elevation portions of the trail will have running water on them. There will also be some sizable mud puddles between the fork in the trail and the foot of the hills. You may wish to take dry socks and/or have dry footwear waiting for you in your vehicle.

Tip #5: Want to quickly nip up to the summit, grab that awesome selfie and still be able to boast to your friends about how speedy you were? Go left at the Moose Barrens fork and come back down the same way, instead of doing the whole loop. Left is the shorter distance to the top.  (Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.)

Alexander Murray Hiking Trail info centre and trail entrance
Alexander Murray Hiking Trail Info Centre and Trail Entrance. To the left is the information centre, open in summer months. To the right is a community social building. The entrance to the trail sits between the two. There is a sign in/out book in the kiosk. It is highly recommended to sign in with the number of hikers in your party and the time of departure. (Please indicate if you are camping overnight.) If a vehicle is observed parked there an abnormally long time, or is still there as sun sets, a King’s Point resident or member of the Trail Committee may check the sign in book to assess if there might be a problem.
moose barrens am trail kings point
A view of ‘Moose Barrens’, a rest area in a clearing on the trail, about a 30 minute walk in. From this point the trail forms a loop. Choose left or right to head to the top. Going left will give you a concentrated amount of hundreds of stairs together, going right will see flights of stairs spread out. Your legs will get a slight breather between flights. Going left, however, despite all the intensity of the stair climb, is the shorter distance to the summit.


loop right side AM trail
This, one of the many tranquil spots on this trail, can be found heading right on the loop. The top can be seen on the left.
a waterfalls at the alexander murray trail
One of three waterfalls that can be seen easily while on the Alexander Murray Hiking Trail. One waterfalls requires walking down/up an additional long flight of stairs branching off the trail but the other two can be viewed from the main trail itself.


view at top alexander murray hiking trail
The View from the Top, Looking Out Toward Green Bay. This is at an 1100ft elevation. It is a serious work out for most hikers to reach this location, known as the ‘Haypook’. But the majority of hikers report that it was worth all the stairs and rough patches! Plan your hike, take extra layers and water. Hike safely, take your time and enjoy!

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